HBR – Stop wasting money on Team Building

In 2011 senior HR leaders at Mars decided that they would study their global workforce and try to crack the code of how to maximize team effectiveness. The resulting research revealed that most of what they — and others — thought about team building was wrong.

Most important, we learned that quality collaboration does not begin with relationships and trust; it starts with a focus on individual motivation.

The two top strengths identified in those surveys were “action orientation” and “results focus.” The picture was getting clearer: Mars was full of people who loved to get busy on tasks and responsibilities that had their names next to them. It was work they could do exceedingly well, producing results without collaborating. On top of that, they were being affirmed for those results by their bosses and the performance rating system.

Based on that insight, Mars developed a framework to make collaboration clear, specific, and compelling — to make collaboration something to be achieved. At the core of this framework are two questions to pose to any team.

  • The first: Why is their collaboration essential to achieving their business results?
  • And second: What work, which specific tasks, would require collaboration to deliver those results?

At Mars, they learned that to get people to work together, we had to let them figure out how that would actually improve results.

Strong relationships and trust do matter to collaboration, but they are not the starting point. They are the outcomes of dedicated people striving together. Connecting collaboration to the motives of success-minded team members is what unlocks productive teamwork.

Read the full article … Stop wasting money on Team Building

What about your company?

What are the top strengths and values of your company and how can you further empower those strenghts?
What is the balance between the personal values of your employees and the cultural values of your company?

Transformation through “Empowering culture”


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