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Did you know … October 18th 2018 = World Values Day

World Values Day is an opportunity to think about our most deeply held values and to act on them.

Staying true to our values and acting on them has never been more important.

This year’s core theme is about putting our values into action in our communities.

Join in:

  • Choose a value that’s most important for you, the one that motivates you through life, guides you through big issues and difficult choices, describes who you really are. See the Values Guide for Individualsfor top tips on how to do this.
  • Act on the value: Values are powerful when acted on! Do something NOW that brings your value passionately to life – something challenging, creative, fun. Decide that acting on your values is now part of your life. Do your bit to change the world. Use the Values Guide for ideas to get you started.
  • Share what you’ve done across the world with #worldvaluesday or send it to us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or by email. Take a selfie holding the template you can download below, showing what you value. Send a photo or a video clip, write a haiku, record a song – whatever works best for you.
  • Pass it on: Nominate at least one other person – family, friend or colleague – to do the same! Challenge them to choose their own important value, act on it, share it, and then pass the challenge on again to their friends. Let’s change the world together!


Need even more inspiration: Perform your Personal Values Assessment

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