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Where Are You in Your Career? Where Do You Want to Go?

Source: The Management Tip of the day (HBR)

It’s not always clear how you should think about growing in your career. One thing to try is writing a “from/to” statement that articulates where you are today and where you want to go

For example: I want to progress from an individual contributor who adds value through technical expertise and closely follows others’ directions, to a people leader who creates a clear strategy and delivers results through a small team.

To write a from/to, ask trusted superiors and colleagues for their candid view of your current role and your goals. Tell them to be honest, because their transparency will help you figure out how you need to grow. Reflect on their answers and incorporate them into your from/to statement — and then have your colleagues read it.
Sometimes people think they’re far ahead of where they are, or choose a destination that is unrealistic. Your advisers can provide a reality check.

Knowing your own expectations (and not only expectations from others), is an important element to achieve success. How else can you measure your experiences, if you don’t have expectations to compare them with. Setting your own expectations will help you to get and feel more empowerment !

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