Corporate Values in Action (at SAS)

Our values reflect what is important to us. They are a shorthand way of describing our individual and collective motivations. Together with beliefs, they are the causal factors that drive our decision-making.

Who you are, what you hold dear, what upsets you and what underlies your decisions are all connected to your values. 

The values that are important to you at any moment in time are a reflection of your current needs and your unmet needs from the past.  Some of our values change priority as we move through the different stages of psychological development; other values stay the same.

I had (and still have) the pleasure to support a company who strongly believes that culture can make a difference and be a leverage to further enhance strategic goals.

SAS is a company where the collective power of their values (Curious; Passionate; Authentic and Accountable) influences everything they do.

Join me in finding out how SAS brings his corporate value ‘Curious’ to live at their upcoming Curiosity Forum on June 13th.

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