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Invest in Work Relationships That Help You Feel Fulfilled

Relationships are a big part of being happy at work. Whether your job is demanding or mundane, you’re more likely to feel fulfilled if you regularly spend time with colleagues who support you and help you create a sense of purpose.

Think through your values (who you are) and objectives (what you want to do).

Then review your calendar for the coming month, and consider which events, lunches, and coffee meetings bring you closer to your objectives and which don’t.

  • Do you thrive when interacting with people who are upbeat? Analytical? Calm? Ambitious?
  • Are you collaborating with people who share your values?

Of course, you can’t control every facet of your schedule, but when possible, prioritize working and spending time with colleagues who help you feel fulfilled — and minimize interactions with people you find depleting.
Keep thinking about how you can make small adjustments to your calendar so that you’re investing in the right relationships.

“Many of us strive for a meaningful job, an impressive title, or a sizable salary at the ideal company. In doing so, we drastically undervalue the importance of relationships, even though extensive research shows that it’s people, not the perfect job, that lead to fulfillment. By being clear on our north star purpose, anchoring ourselves in relationships that lead us there, and buffering against those that pull us away, we can find the satisfaction we’re seeking right where we are.”

This quote comes from “To Be Happier at Work, Invest More in Your Relationships,” by Rob Cross

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