Estimating how tight the ‘trauma knot’ is

Source: “Trauma in organization”/ “Stuck” by Philippe Bailleur

As such, the approach described by Philippe Bailleur depends on the perceived tightness of the ‘trauma knot’. Step by step, he comes to a guiding ordering out of which a suitable approach can be developed. It is especially important for all involved parties that there is clarity about what is needed to make a positive difference in the case of organizational trauma.

And, keep in mind that there often is a real temptation to suggest the state of affairs is better than it actually is.

After exploring the current situation, the following well-considered strategies are to be considered:

  1. There is no sign of organizational trauma. In this case, it would be strange to talk about healing. In short: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Counseling or organizational coaching may still be needed and relevant, but then without any link to trauma.
  2. At least one clearly defined incident has taken place. As a result, the organization or a part of the organization is still stuck in time. It’s possible to make a quick, targeted start in this circumstance.
  3. There have been multiple incidents. They are not linked to each other and as such, no one has been able to deal with them. You could think of this as a length of rope with several knots in it that you can calmly untie, one by one.
  4. A series of incidents and/or circumstances have created a cluster and, it is not easy to separate incidents from each other. Think of this as being a length of rope with knots on top of knots, or of a fine, gold necklace that has ended up completely knotted.

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