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Ego can stand in the way of good leadership

When our egos are threatened, we hold on to past decisions for too long, we react defensively to or “explain away” negative feedback from teams or customers, and we get emotional when we need to be rational.

Fortunately, mindfulness meditation can serve as an antidote, allowing you to see things more objectively and to form deeper relationships. Commit to meditating for a short time each day.

  • Find a quiet place, sit comfortably on a chair or cushion, and set a timer for anywhere between five and 25 minutes.
  • Then simply start observing your breath.
  • Allow the mind to detach from your thoughts and to experience a sense of openness.
  • Then use what you gain from this practice throughout your workday.

You might quiet your mind with a few conscious breaths before you enter a meeting or open your email. Or practice in the moment: For example, while you’re sitting in a meeting, turn your focus to your breath, and simply notice if your mind has started to take things personally. Even just taking a few breaths in and out can help lessen your ego’s grip.

Move Beyond Your Ego with Meditation
This may sound “woo-woo” but these experiences have major benefits for leaders: They allow them to see things more objectively and to form deeper relationships.

This tip is adapted from “What Meditation Can Do for Your Leadership,” by Matthias Birk

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