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Culture is about HOW you do things … also in these uncertain times

I hope you are safe and adapting to the new normal.

I usually don’t send more than one email per week, but these are unusual circumstances, requiring that we move faster than normal.

As you establish new policies and procedures for remote working and sick leave, navigate the ways in which potential disruptors like coronavirus might impact your strategy and objectives, and communicate and connect with both employees and customers, lean on your company’s core values.   

Maintaining your culture during times of change is not an added initiative, but rather the ‘how’ all your initiatives and business are carried out. 

Your core values are the foundation of your culture and reflect on who you are and what you stand for. They empower each person, regardless of where they are in the organization, when making decisions or taking action, even when no one is watching.

Your values are

  • the glue that holds everyone together
  • what moves the collective forward and
  • that makes it much faster to achieve objectives and dreams.

Keep Your Culture Alive
especially in these extraordinary times

Example on how Human Centric Solutions is living their values at this moment:

  • Empowerment/ Leadership: Take initiatives to create new opportunities and dare to try-out new things. Slow down and take time to reflect on your mindset and how it influences your actions and the results. Are those the results you want, or are there other beliefs that could lead to more effective actions and results? Do this together and recognize everyone’s contribution.
  • Working together: even though the physical distance had increase, cultivate connection by means of digital tools and thereby enhance emotional proximity. Take more time than usually to listen to the stories and the needs of the others (they probably feel the need to share more then ever). Show your own vulnerability, it will make you a stronger team player at the end
  • Expertise: Help colleagues to understand the tools, learn from each other. Share the knowledge and make tips & tricks to support each other. Example: Different rules apply to virtual meetings, then to physical meetings. Make sure those rules are understood by everyone in the meeting. As a facilitator, take the lead and help people understand those rules so they become effective

Tips on enhancing emotional proximity: take a look at the blog of earlier this week

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