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Don’t Let “Perfect” Be the Enemy of “Good”

We should all strive to do our best, but if you always aim for perfection, you may blow deadlines, annoy your colleagues, and miss out on opportunities.

Instead of never being satisfied with “good enough,” talk to others about their standards. What does a good job look like to your boss, peer, or client?

What can you do? Test and experience some of the following tips & tricks:

  • Seek their feedback on expected results, costs, and timelines rather than trying to meet your extremely high standards.
  • Then check in regularly with these colleagues. Don’t wait until you think the project is finished, build in checkpoints where you share your progress at 50% or 80% done. Your boss or client just might tell you that the work is good enough at that point.
  • You can also try small experiments where you relax your standards slightly. What happened? Were your worst fears realized?

WHY could this be a good development goal for you?

Consider how perfectionism impacts your relationships. Are you setting unrealistic standards for those around you? The need to have it “perfect” will often annoy others, and in extreme cases, drive them away.

For their sake — and yours — learn to be satisfied with good enough.

Don’t forget that saying ‘yes’ to something, you always say ‘no’ to something else. What is the most important one? The most urgent one, …
is not always the same as the most important nor the most effective one.

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