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Organisational culture: The results of the COVID-19 Culture Assessment are now available

Barrett Values Center is thrilled to share the initial results and resources from their recent Global COVID-19 Culture Assessment with you. The data highlights significant shifts in the values and cultures of organisations due to the pandemic as well as a path forward to recover and thrive.

Visit the COVID Assessment Landing Page

As a central place to access the resources, BVC have created a landing page which currently includes:

  • An infographic about our key findings
  • Industry reports for the public and Barrett Certified Consultants
  • Interactive visualisation tool
  • Invitation to an upcoming eDialogue session
  • The recording and slides from our recent results webinar
  • A variety of tools to support dialogue

BVC will add additional materials over the coming weeks so please continue to check back.
We hope that they provide important insights to support you, your clients, and leaders around the world as we co-create new futures together.

Do you want to have a quick link to the explanatory YouTube Film of the summary presentation … click below.

If you would like additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me … I will be happy to help/ support you in any way I can
Warm regards, Ilse

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