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Accelerating Women in Leadership (Webinar)

Thursday, 13 August, 2020
The session will take place from 11am-12.30pm CET.

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During this webinar, the role of women in leadership and the role of organisations to promote women in leadership positions will be discussed.

In a world where conversations about equality, diversity and inclusion are rightly finally being discussed at the top table, what are some of the initiatives organisations can be implementing to give women the chance to gain access to leadership roles? What can organisations be doing to ensure that there are equal opportunities at all levels within the organisation?

The session will be hosted by Daniel Brietwieser (Enterprise Transformation Consultant at CoachHub) and will feature an impressive panel of female leaders :

  • Claire Barron – Executive Coach at empowerfulpeople & previous Senior L&D Manager at Vodafone UK
  • Yota Trom – CoachHub Leadership Coach and Founder of Women in Tech Club
  • Chinyere Enyinna – Head of Leadership Development at CoachHub client, Viessmann

With this diverse lineup and its wealth of experience, this is a conversation that you should tune into, whether you are a female starting out in your career wanting to learn from highly regarded leaders, or whether you are wanting to gain insights into what successful female leadership initiatives look like.

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