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Thriving Culture + Effective Strategy = Thriving Organisations … How to get started!

In my previous blog (21/08/2020), I already mentioned important work connections that can lead to creating purpose.

Work connections that create purpose include:
Leaders and organizational culture: Working for an inspiring leader or vision, or being part of a culture that does the right things and cares about colleagues’ success.
– Peers: Co-creating a meaningful future and engaging with those who share similar values authentically.
– Teams and mentors: Creating a context for peers, teammates and mentees to thrive– helping, seeing growth, sharing your learning, being transparent and vulnerable.
– Consumers and stakeholders: Receiving validation from consumers of output — science curing people or products that improve life for example.

If you are interested in getting better insights in organization values of your company or your team, Barrett method can provide the support you need to create those insights.

  1. Understand what motivates your team: You’ll get a clear picture of what your employees truly care about, enabling you to keep your employees passionately engaged and performing at their best.
  2. Diagnose what is and is not working: The assessment flags the gaps between your current and optimal culture, highlighting any dysfunction in your organisation with our Cultural Entropy® score.
  3. Discover a clear path forward: The data is the basis for defining measurable goals and an actionable roadmap to a higher-performance culture.

Because Culture is all about employee experience, so the best way to learn about a culture assessment is by experiencing one: interested in a pilot for a small group … please check out the FLYER for some promo deals:

If you would like to know more about the approach, credentials of other companies using the approach, look into some example reports, get a feeling of the survey, … please do not hesitate to contact me. I am more than happy to provide you with some more explanation and insights.

If you would like to have a first idea on how it works on a personal level, Barrett offers a FREE personal value assessment. The report will be sent to your personal mailbox.

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