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A transformation program is only as strong as the social wiring of the program

A transformation program is by definition a combination of multiple initiatives and requires cooperation. The different methods developed over the years provide us with useful templates, processes and procedures and these will certainly help us improve efficiency and effectiveness, but these methods alone are not enough.

The real success of a transformation program also relies on another pillar, namely the social wiring of the program. A program is best seen as a living system. Focusing on the relationship between parts will have a much greater impact than focusing on each component individually. If we succeed, the available resources will not work according to the ‘+’ logic (…+….+…. = …), but according to the ‘x’ logic (… x… x… = …). The x-logic is a powerful tool, however it also contains a big pitfall. If one of the elements is 0, then the total result is also 0! The social wiring is therefore only as strong as its weakest link.

Stakeholder management is crucial in this logic because the work always starts from the people involved and with their knowledge, productivity, innovation and creativity. Making empowering connection is a hugh leverage. Missing connection is …

Tip inspired by the work of Philippe Bailleur – Architect van je organisatie.

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