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Turning Culture Challenges into Purpose-Driven Collaboration

Developing a new vaccine leaves no room for error. When an R&D team in a multinational pharmaceutical company was experiencing significant quality issues with batches set for Phase 3 Clinical Trials, it became clear that it wasn’t just an issue with the medicine production, but also with the culture of the organization. People at all levels were struggling to collaborate and address challenges.

In our next BVC in Action, Barrett Certified Consultant Paul van de Griendt shares a powerful story about a group of people learning to

  • turn judgments into curiosity,
  • blame into accountability, and
  • silos into heartfelt goals and shared values.

This journey showcases what people are capable of when Cultural Entropy® plummets and a common purpose takes over. Their culture work has supported the team in doubling production to deliver materials for a COVID-19 vaccine. More importantly, people now feel more fulfilled and grateful to have come together again to achieve this very important mission.

Turning Culture Challenges into Purpose-Driven CollaborationTuesday, March 9th
11 am UK Time

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