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Looking for a New Job? Look Beyond the Title

What’s the first thing you focus on when searching for a new role? If your answer is “job title,” you’re not alone. But job titles are often misleading, and you may ultimately find yourself in a role that’s different from what you expected. To find a job you’ll actually love, try this two-part exercise.

First, write down your answers to four simple questions:

  • Who do I want to be around all day?
  • What do I actually want to be doing?
  • Where do I want to do it?
  • And why do I want to do it?

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Then refine your search around your answers.

  • Type “careers in [your field of interest]” into Google, read or watch interviews with people who have the kind of job you’re looking for, or dive into listings on LinkedIn for the area in which you want to live.
  • Once you find something that seems like a good fit, look for similar roles at other organizations.
  • Compare the job descriptions and note what appeals to you most.
  • And schedule informational interviews with acquaintances or people in your college alumni network who have the role you’re interested in.

Thinking beyond the job title will give you a better chance at landing in a role that’s right for you — even if it’s one you had never imagined yourself doing before.

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