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Bored at Work? Ask Yourself These Questions

We all hit that point sometimes where our job just feels … boring. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to quit. Instead, you can try “job crafting,” or personalizing your role around your strengths and interests. It may help you feel more energized or make your job feel more relevant.

To start, ask yourself three basic questions:

How can I bring more of my strengths into my job?

Talk to your manager about new tasks or projects you could take on that will allow you to apply your unique gifts and abilities.

Am I surrounding myself with the right people?

You may not be able to pick your colleagues, but you can decide who you want to spend time with. Focus on those who inspire you.

What story do I tell myself about why I do my work?

“Because I have to,” is one answer. But another could be: “I create a weekly accounting report that allows leaders to make better decisions to help our company achieve its objectives.” If you can dig deeper to better understand the purpose behind your responsibilities, you’ll be more motivated to fulfill them — and you’ll be better equipped to recognize new opportunities to pursue.

Self-development as the cornerstone of strong, empowering leadership.

Through Individual coaching you increase awareness and gain insights that help you to grow as a person and as a leader.

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Coaching is possible in English and in Dutch

Source: This tip is inspired by the article “Turn Your Boring Job into a Job You’ll Love,” by Dan Cable

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