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Leaders, It’s Okay to Talk About Your Fears and Anxieties

Now more than ever, people are grappling with anxiety, fear, and other difficult emotions. As a leader, it’s tough to know whether you should be open about your own struggles.

But don’t bottle up those negative feelings; people are inspired by leaders who are self-aware and willing to show vulnerability.

  • So make it a regular practice to check in with yourself, doing your best to locate the source of any negative emotions.
  • Make it a routine; it could be as simple as 15 minutes of intentional reflection at the end of the day or during your commute.
  • You can do this by keeping a journal or talking with a loved one or mental health professional.

Self-awareness is the first step toward expressing your feelings in a healthy, productive, and appropriate way — behavior you can then model for the people who look to you for guidance.

Sometimes, having a sounding board and being able to say things out loud (your concerns, ambitions, thoughts, feelings, doubts, …) can help you to put things back in perspective. At the same time, some practical tools can be offered to help you manage specific situations.

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