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Stop Procrastinating on Your Big Goal

“Oh yes, this one feels like close to home – for me too!” 😉

When a goal seems particularly onerous, or the path toward achieving it feels unclear, it’s easy to just do nothing and push it off to another day. This is a mistake.

Take a look at the next video … recognise things?

Here are three strategies to start tackling that goal you’ve been putting off:

Hire a coach or look for a mentor. 

Having someone to support and encourage you can make a big difference. They can be particularly helpful in holding you accountable, especially when you start telling yourself you’re “too busy” to make progress.

Saying things out loud makes it more real … try it.

Create deadlines. 

You don’t need to be overly ambitious — “I’ll finish writing my book by this time next year.” Instead, lay out smaller, more attainable milestones — “I’ll finish a chapter in the next six weeks” — which will allow you to build and sustain momentum.

Raise the bar high is oké, but your goal of tomorrow needs to be realistic. Your next goal is the one that will bring you in motion.

Don’t stop learning. 

If your goal is tied to a specific circumstance — presenting at a high-profile conference, or running a marathon — it’s easy to let up once the big event is over. But after you’ve put in all that work, it’s important to solidify your learning, and keep growing.

Find ways to bake the skills and habits you picked up along the way into your schedule on an ongoing basis. For instance, look for other opportunities to continue to hone your presentation skills or start running with a friend to make it a social ritual.

“Once you pushed through and achieved your goal … oh it feels so good … remember that feeling, for the next time you feel the urge to push it off to another day”

Through Individual coaching you increase awareness and gain insights that help you to grow as a person and as a leader.

Are you interested in personal and/or leadership coaching, view our offer or book a (free) introductory session to align/ finetune our mutual expectations.

Coaching is possible in English and in Dutch

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