Build Up Self-Confidence in Meetings

Do you hold back in meetings?

Are you unsure how to jump in and make yourself heard?

Are you reluctant to share feedback?

It’s easy to go unnoticed when everyone is excited about a topic. But editing yourself only robs yourself (and your team) of your ideas.

To make sure your voice is in the mix, try claiming space by announcing your contribution before launching into your point. This will both capture people’s attention and focus the discussion. For example, you might ask, “Can we pause to look at this from the customer’s perspective?” or say, “Let’s step back and take a longer-term view of these metrics.”

Then, articulate the skeleton of your proposal so people have a sense of what you’re suggesting before you dive into the details.

Next, flesh out your idea, explaining why it’s important. People need to know why they should care or make it a priority now.

Lastly, invite feedback with questions like, “How many of you feel this way?” or “What are your thoughts on this topic?” This will allow people to think more deeply about what you’ve just shared and give you a sense of how your message is being received. 

This tip is inspired by an article by Sabina Nawaz

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