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Inclusive Leadership

As CoachHub Coach Kaveh Mir said:

“Diversity does not mean inclusion. Sometimes we have diversity around the table but no inclusion. Diversity means we have everyone around the table, inclusion means that everyone feels safe to speak”. 

There is still a big gap that needs to be closed. For this, diversity is certainly important, but for coaching much more relevant is the topic of inclusion.

According to Harvard Business Review, leaders have an immense impact on their employees, what they say and do makes up to 70% of the difference as to whether an employee feels included and engaged. 

Looking at potential coaching topics, the Harvard Business Review outlined six different key skills for inclusive leaders.

  1. Visible Commitment 
  2. Curiosity about others
  3. Cultural Intelligence
  4. Humility
  5. Awareness of own bias
  6. Effective Collaboration

Trainings as we know face some challenges in terms of implementation and training transfer, the same holds true for trainings around D,E&I. The concept of inclusion revolves around self-awareness and self-reflection, a change of behaviors and insights.

This is where coaching can have a much bigger impact than trainings alone. 

Ilse Denruyter
Change Expert & Leadership Coach

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