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Ga voor … “Ondernemer van je leven”

Welk doel wil jij bereiken? Hoe verloopt de weg naar dat doel? Geeft het je voldoening of sluipt er soms twijfel in? Wat doe je op die momenten? Bouw momenten van zelfreflectie in ... gun jezelf een klantbord om je gedachten en gevoelens eens luidop te kunnen zeggen.

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Help a Team Member Improve Their Follow-Through

When a colleague or direct report fails to follow through on a task or promise, it’s rarely intentional. More often, it’s the result of an underlying issue, such as unclear responsibilities or unrealistic goals. To identify what’s really going on — and fix it — check to make sure you’re not part of the problem.… Lees verder Help a Team Member Improve Their Follow-Through

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Don’t Let “Perfect” Be the Enemy of “Good”

We should all strive to do our best, but if you always aim for perfection, you may blow deadlines, annoy your colleagues, and miss out on opportunities. Instead of never being satisfied with “good enough,” talk to others about their standards. What does a good job look like to your boss, peer, or client? What… Lees verder Don’t Let “Perfect” Be the Enemy of “Good”

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Lifestyle as a medicine

Can lifestyle adjustments help you to be less susceptible to the coronavirus? Scientific research shows the positive impact of lifestyle on our health and immune system. In addition to improved immunity, it provides more resilience, fewer mood swings and a beneficial effect on cell ageing, expression, fewer stress hormones and less chronic inflammation. The following… Lees verder Lifestyle as a medicine

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How to Encourage Participation During Virtual Meetings

It’s hard to get people to pay attention in meetings when everyone’s in the same room — let alone if they’re all calling in from home. How can you get people to actually participate in a virtual meeting? The key is to create structured opportunities for attendees to engage. When opening the virtual room, give… Lees verder How to Encourage Participation During Virtual Meetings