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“The coach who does not fish, but learns how to fish”

I strongly believe that people can develop and grow … that they can unlock their potential. When growth is motivated by their own drivers and values, they can do so much more. The feeling of fulfilment is the greatest gift.

Today’s workingplace is more complex and tougher to navigate then ever before. In addition, over the last few years two notable trends have emerged among job seekers: they are favoring meaning in their work, even more than money; and, they are eager for growth. Mentoring plays an essential role in filling these needs and can be powerful and life changing for the indivduals receiving it. Yet, that’s just the beginning of the story. Mentoring can be positioned in organisation to increase performance, engagement and retention … and at little cost.

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International Coaching Federation defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Coaching helps you to bring clarity and to grasp the essence so that you can handle change more consciously. If I had to summarize it in 1 concept, I would use the words “awareness process“. Become more aware of

  • your behavior;
  • the impact of your behavior on others but also on yourself;
  • the drivers or motivation behind your behavior;
  • the values ​​and beliefs that determine why you do what you do;
  • your competences;
  • … and this always with the intended goal in mind.

Coaching does not make you a different person, but it does change the way you think about yourself, as a person; as a manager; as an employee; …. It is that mental change that sets you in motion. It causes you to evolve, improve yourself, change your performance. If you change, it does something to your environment: it changes with it. Coaching enables people to develop and strengthen, while equipping themselves with the skills, tools, opportunities and knowledge. Possible coaching themes:

  • Career management: what is the next step to take?
  • Effective leadership: how can I be the best team leader for my team, but also for myself?
  • Energy Management: why do I feel so tried?
  • From dependency to interdependency: how can I improve the interaction and collaboration with my colleagues?

Would you like to have a broader perspective?
Would you like to feel more empowered?
Would you like to have (even more) impact on achieving your goals?

Coaching can be in English, Nederlands and Français.