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Find a Self-Care Routine That Works for You

When bringing self-care into your day feels impossible, finding a better workout routine or downloading yet another sleep app isn’t the solution. Ultimately, you need to change your mindset. By challenging your assumptions about what self-care is, you’ll be better equipped to find an approach that works for you. Here are three tips that can… Lees verder Find a Self-Care Routine That Works for You

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Keep Your Perfectionist Tendencies in Check

Perfectionism is often driven by striving for excellence, but it can be self-sabotaging if it leads to suboptimal behavior like continuing habits beyond their usefulness, overdelivering when you don’t have to, or overthinking every decision you make.

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Lifestyle as a medicine

Can lifestyle adjustments help you to be less susceptible to the coronavirus? Scientific research shows the positive impact of lifestyle on our health and immune system. In addition to improved immunity, it provides more resilience, fewer mood swings and a beneficial effect on cell ageing, expression, fewer stress hormones and less chronic inflammation. The following… Lees verder Lifestyle as a medicine

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Invest in Work Relationships That Help You Feel Fulfilled

Relationships are a big part of being happy at work. Whether your job is demanding or mundane, you’re more likely to feel fulfilled if you regularly spend time with colleagues who support you and help you create a sense of purpose. Think through your values (who you are) and objectives (what you want to do).… Lees verder Invest in Work Relationships That Help You Feel Fulfilled