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Try Reframing a Problem You’re Trying to Solve

Most people know that how you frame a problem will influence how you solve it. f you’re struggling to generate effective solutions, you might change the way you’ve phrased the problem. You’ll likely find that a small change of words can lead to a big change in your perspective.

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Purpose in life: How well are your personal and organisational values aligned?

When employees feel that their purpose is aligned with the organization’s purpose, the benefits expand to include stronger employee engagement, heightened loyalty, and a greater willingness to recommend the company to others.

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Turning Culture Challenges into Purpose-Driven Collaboration

Developing a new vaccine leaves no room for error. When an R&D team in a multinational pharmaceutical company was experiencing significant quality issues with batches set for Phase 3 Clinical Trials, it became clear that it wasn’t just an issue with the medicine production, but also with the culture of the organization. People at all… Lees verder Turning Culture Challenges into Purpose-Driven Collaboration