Working Together

Our coaches and advisors in alphabetical order:

Katrien Debeuckelaere
“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”

Expert in Team Coaching
Loopbaancoach regio Zemst  (VDAB Loopbaancheques via United Talent)

Ilse Denruyter
It always seems impossible until it’s done

Program/ Project Manager & Trusted Advisor
Building Bridges/ Stakeholder Management
Expert in Leadership & Team Coaching
Loopbaancoach regio Tienen/Landen (VDAB Loopbaancheques via Arcturus)

Christine Esteingeldoir
“Bring out the unspoken & feel empowered”

Expert in Leadership & Team Coaching 
Loopbaancoach regio groot-Leuven (VDAB Loopbaancheques via RiseSmart)

Bart Gardeyn
“The will must be greater than the skill”

Expert in Leadership & Team Coaching

Hilde Smets
“Change through Co-Creation and Confidence”

Program and portfolio management
Trusted advisor in IT (outsourcing, transformation, interim management)
Loopbaancoach regio Kessel-Lo/Lubbeek (VDAB cheques via MakemeFly!)

Bart Vandendriessche
“Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”

Loopbaancoach regio Leuven/ Kessel-lo (VDAB Loopbaancheques via TCS)