Belonging: Want and need are two entirely different things. It’s great when the two coincide.

Create Community at Work by Checking in with Your Colleagues

We all want to feel that we belong at work, but many people feel physically and emotionally isolated.

To remedy this problem, we need to create a real sense of community, and one way to do that is to make sure we’re checking in with our coworkers. A simple “How are you doing?” in the morning, or a “How can I help you?” after a tough day, can go a long way toward helping colleagues feel connected to each other.

Find out how the people on your team like to talk — some may prefer email or a digital chat, for example, while others prefer to speak in person — and then create a habit of building relationships.

Whether you talk about work or your personal lives, be present, be curious, and ask questions that show you’re listening.
Find ways to show your coworkers that you value and care about them. 

Adapted from “The Surprising Power of Simply Asking Coworkers How They’re Doing ,” by Karyn Twaronite

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