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Ga voor … “Ondernemer van je leven”

Welk doel wil jij bereiken? Hoe verloopt de weg naar dat doel? Geeft het je voldoening of sluipt er soms twijfel in? Wat doe je op die momenten? Bouw momenten van zelfreflectie in ... gun jezelf een klantbord om je gedachten en gevoelens eens luidop te kunnen zeggen.

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Focus on what you can influence

Many people are overwhelmed by what is happening. Of course, when you look at the big picture, the problems look huge, but as an individual you don't have to solve every problem in the world. Focus on what you can influence and enlarge your area of influence step-by-step How can you create a framework that… Lees verder Focus on what you can influence

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Try Reframing a Problem You’re Trying to Solve

Most people know that how you frame a problem will influence how you solve it. f you’re struggling to generate effective solutions, you might change the way you’ve phrased the problem. You’ll likely find that a small change of words can lead to a big change in your perspective.

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How to Work with Someone Who Creates Unnecessary Conflict

Prevent a High-Conflict Employee from Draining Your Team’s Energy Disagreements at work aren’t necessarily a bad thing. But as a manager, you need to watch out for unhealthy conflicts that erode trust and drain your team's time and energy. If someone on your team creates this kind of animosity, try to mitigate their negative impact.