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Coaching for Heroes: klankbord voor zorgverleners

Zorgverleners zijn sterk in zorg dragen voor anderen, maar ook zij hebben regelmatig een klankbord nodig om hun gedachten, gevoelens, bezorgdheden, plannen, … eens luidop te kunnen zeggen. Tijd is zeker een uitdaging en dat kunnen we (helaas) niet voor hen oplossen. We kunnen het hen wel gemakkelijker maken om de weg naar zo’n klankbord te vinden. #CoachingforHeroes wilt zo’n klankbord vinden en gebruiken toegankelijker maken. Ook al werken al onze vrijwillige coaches pro bono, er zijn altijd kosten verbonden aan het in de lucht houden van een vzw. Wij zijn dankbaar voor elke gift die wij ontvangen. Dat is heel gemakkelijk: En elke gift boven 40 euro is dit jaar voor 60% fiscaal aftrekbaar. Dank je wel!

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Ga voor … “Ondernemer van je leven”

Welk doel wil jij bereiken? Hoe verloopt de weg naar dat doel? Geeft het je voldoening of sluipt er soms twijfel in? Wat doe je op die momenten? Bouw momenten van zelfreflectie in ... gun jezelf een klantbord om je gedachten en gevoelens eens luidop te kunnen zeggen.

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Organisational culture: The results of the COVID-19 Culture Assessment are now available

Barrett Values Center is thrilled to share the initial results and resources from their recent Global COVID-19 Culture Assessment with you. The data highlights significant shifts in the values and cultures of organisations due to the pandemic as well as a path forward to recover and thrive. Visit the COVID Assessment Landing Page As a… Lees verder Organisational culture: The results of the COVID-19 Culture Assessment are now available

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Culture is about HOW you do things … also in these uncertain times

I hope you are safe and adapting to the new normal. I usually don't send more than one email per week, but these are unusual circumstances, requiring that we move faster than normal. As you establish new policies and procedures for remote working and sick leave, navigate the ways in which potential disruptors like coronavirus… Lees verder Culture is about HOW you do things … also in these uncertain times

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Focus on what you can influence

Many people are overwhelmed by what is happening. Of course, when you look at the big picture, the problems look huge, but as an individual you don't have to solve every problem in the world. Focus on what you can influence and enlarge your area of influence step-by-step How can you create a framework that… Lees verder Focus on what you can influence


When physical distance increases, enhance emotional proximity

The COVID-19 pandemic is a pressure test for the entire (health, society & business) system.  As a leader this poses new challenges to maintain/build team resilience. Now that you’ve got tools to connect with your colleagues, it’s important to use them regularly to support ongoing communication and connection.  A sense of loneliness and isolation can… Lees verder When physical distance increases, enhance emotional proximity

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Leaders, It’s Okay to Talk About Your Fears and Anxieties

Leaders, It’s Okay to Talk About Your Fears and Anxieties Sometimes, having a sounding board and being able to say things out loud (your concerns, ambitions, thoughts, feelings, doubts, ...) can help you to put things back in perspective. At the same time, some practical tools can be offered to help you manage specific situations.

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Bored at Work? Ask Yourself These Questions

We all hit that point sometimes where our job just feels … boring. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to quit. Instead, you can try “job crafting,” or personalizing your role around your strengths and interests. It may help you feel more energized or make your job feel more relevant.

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Find a Self-Care Routine That Works for You

When bringing self-care into your day feels impossible, finding a better workout routine or downloading yet another sleep app isn’t the solution. Ultimately, you need to change your mindset. By challenging your assumptions about what self-care is, you’ll be better equipped to find an approach that works for you. Here are three tips that can… Lees verder Find a Self-Care Routine That Works for You

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Keep Your Perfectionist Tendencies in Check

Perfectionism is often driven by striving for excellence, but it can be self-sabotaging if it leads to suboptimal behavior like continuing habits beyond their usefulness, overdelivering when you don’t have to, or overthinking every decision you make.

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Purpose in life: How well are your personal and organisational values aligned?

When employees feel that their purpose is aligned with the organization’s purpose, the benefits expand to include stronger employee engagement, heightened loyalty, and a greater willingness to recommend the company to others.