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Stuck in a Mid-Career Rut? Get Help from a Mentor

It might sound odd, but people need the most help not at the beginning of their careers, but in mid-career — especially when it comes to making decisions. That’s a key finding from a research study publish by Harvard Business Review. They have found that one reason for not adapting to this meaningful shift in… Lees verder Stuck in a Mid-Career Rut? Get Help from a Mentor

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Help Your Team Embrace Change

Having a workforce that’s ready and able to harness change will make the difference between success and failure. Leaders at every level need to embrace and model how to engage in and affect change. Personal leadership and engagement, however, is not enough. For change to be operationalized, you need to inspire your team to be… Lees verder Help Your Team Embrace Change

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Change Your Destructive Behaviors by Examining What’s Driving Them

We all have moments of weakness, but chronic, destructive behaviors can be hard to change, even when you’re aware of their consequences. Our most destructive behaviors — such as angry outbursts, freezing up in high-risk moments, or asserting excessive control under stress — are often rooted in paste experiences, and uncovering their origins can help.… Lees verder Change Your Destructive Behaviors by Examining What’s Driving Them

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Ego can stand in the way of good leadership

When our egos are threatened, we hold on to past decisions for too long, we react defensively to or “explain away” negative feedback from teams or customers, and we get emotional when we need to be rational. Fortunately, mindfulness meditation can serve as an antidote, allowing you to see things more objectively and to form… Lees verder Ego can stand in the way of good leadership

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Improve Your Critical Thinking Skills

To make good decisions, it’s important to think critically. And, yet, too many leaders accept the first solution proposed to them or don’t take the time to evaluate a topic from all sides. To guard against these mistakes, there are several things you can do to hone your critical thinking skills. First, question your assumptions,… Lees verder Improve Your Critical Thinking Skills

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Don’t Just Have a To-Do List — Timebox It

Five problems with the to-do list or Daniel Markovitz’s argument for migrating to-do lists into calendars: First, they overwhelm us with too many choices. Second, we are naturally drawn to simpler tasks which are more easily accomplished. Third, we are rarely drawn to important-but-not-urgent tasks, like setting aside time for learning. Fourth, to-do lists on… Lees verder Don’t Just Have a To-Do List — Timebox It


Estimating how tight the ‘trauma knot’ is

Source: “Trauma in organization”/ “Stuck” by Philippe Bailleur As such, the approach described by Philippe Bailleur depends on the perceived tightness of the ‘trauma knot’. Step by step, he comes to a guiding ordering out of which a suitable approach can be developed. It is especially important for all involved parties that there is clarity… Lees verder Estimating how tight the ‘trauma knot’ is


Another Reason to Help Employees Feel Authentic at Work

People want the freedom to be their authentic selves at work. There are many benefits to authenticity, and one of them - research shows - is that it encourages ethical behavior. When people feel that their professional responsibilities align with their personal values, they’re more likely to act in ways that support those values (and… Lees verder Another Reason to Help Employees Feel Authentic at Work

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Mission Statements for Different Roles

Here's a different concept but one that makes great sense to me. It's from Stephen Covey's "7 Habits of Highly Effective People". We've talked about establishing goals but we never divided up the different parts of our life with mission statements. This might help us with establishing priorities in goals as well as realizing what… Lees verder Mission Statements for Different Roles