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Barrett next Action Webinar

The results of Barrett COVID-19 Culture Assessment revealed a clear shift in the ways employees want to experience their organizations — moving away from the moretraditional process-focus of finance and effectiveness towards one that emphasizes people, working together, agility, and communication. 

The themes around what is necessary to recover and thrive were then unpacked and built upon by a global group of 160 leaders and change agents, many from the BVC Community, in a live, interactive session conducted by Sekaten and Synthetron.

In the next BVC Values in Action webinar, Barrett will share the results of this collaborative effort to support human-centered organizations that can withstand crises. 

Join us on Wednesday, October 28th at 5:00 pm (Bxl) to discover:

  • How to create an organization that embodies what’s being called for?
  • What tools and resources are available for you to take action?
  • Why leadership development is more important than ever?

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